Christoph Pfemeter


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Austrian Biomass Association-Austria

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General Manager

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General Manager, Great experience in Project management and Public Affairs; After visiting the Federal College of Forestry Christoph earned an academic degree in wood technology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. He wrote his master thesis at the Institute of Marketing and Innovation. After working in the timber industry and as journalist specialised in forest industry sector, he continued his career at the Austrian Biomass Association (ABA). Since 2011 he is general manager and chief editor oft the newspaper oekoenergie. Christoph is involved in the boards of the European Biomass Association, “Umweltdachverband” (Umbrella organisation of Austrian NGO’s) and “Erneuerbare Energie Österreich” (Austrian Association of Renewable Energy). In 2012 he was a committee member of the national Austrian climate price. During his student days, Christoph was a member of the national Austrian rafting team and participates in many domestic and international events.