Harm Holleman


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international project manager

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Harm Holleman has implemented European networks for exchange of agricultural knowledge. (2004-2010). For that, he initiated LdV projects and Erasmus projects. At this moment, all these networks are still running and exchange students. In 2011, he developed an international curriculum for dairy production and designed a BTEC program for that. This resulted in a contract with a huge Chinese Dairy Ltd. And colleges where employees were enrolled and trained by Groenhorst. Same with a company from Saudi Arabia and a TVET college. In 2013 Harm Holleman was asked as project leader for the development of E-learning materials for Poultry, entire poultry industry was involved, the local government and all poultry colleges in The Netherlands. In 2016, the same initiative was organised for Dairy production, In 2017 he starts with materials for pig industry and education. Next, to that, he is this moment developing a portal, that has a worldwide reach. Again, Government and Industry are involved in that process.