Carlo Colomba


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  • Dr.

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President and owner of INFOR ELEA, he will give his precious personal experience regarding the entrepreneur’s skills which he experienced abroad. Degree (MCs equivalent) in Agricultural Sciences, he has been Internal coordinator within the project "GOARUNDO - Project of industrial research and experimental development titled "optimised management of the supply chain of biomass production from Arundo Donax" Measure I.1.3 "Innovation Hubs" - II program - cluster: renewable energy and biofuels. Marketing Researcher for the application of a specific software for the logistics of biomass and identification of applications and parameters used in previous studies on the use of residual biomass (in particular activity of reviewing of documents and interviewing of stakeholders, environmental assessments through Life Cycle Assessment) within the project AGROLOGISTIC - Study of the logistics chain of biomass for the supply of agro-energy systems - Measure I.1.3 "Innovation Hubs" the Cluster Programme Renewable Energy and Biofuels. Working on database coefficients for the on-biosost project (sustainability of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels from biomass sources, including animal wastes), related Measure I.1.3 "Innovation Hubs" the Cluster Programme Renewable Energy and Biofuels. The activities on biogas are related to biologis project (regional project) to study issues related to in and out the flow of biogas plants.