Titolo Document description Document file
Deliverable 1.3 Guidelines on pedagogical methodology. The document presents the pedagogical methodology guidelines to be followed by the consortium when developing the learning materials. PDF icon D1.3 - Guidelines on pedagogical methodology.pdf
Deliverable 4.2 The hosting platform will present an architecture ready to integrate the training content. PDF icon D4.2 - Developed hosting platform_final_ver03.pdf
Deliverable 1.1 This report will sum the lack of skills up existing in the agriculture sector. It will be targeted to the 4 skills that will be taught in the PLANET training. PDF icon D1.1 - Report on the competence gap analysis.pdf
Press release - italian Mondo Agricolo - Settembre 2019, Planet press release at page 17. PDF icon com-tecnichenuove-digitaleditions-mag-2019-009.pdf
Poster The poster of the PLANET project PDF icon Poster A3 PLANET_ver02.pdf
Newsletter #1 AT Project PLANET newsletter from Austria, by Agrar Plus PDF icon AP-News-90-2017.pdf
Newsletter #1 NL Project PLANET newsletter from the Netherlands, by CCS PDF icon CCS_Newsletter_20180416_reach597_Agrarische Nieuwsbrief - april 2018.pdf
Newsletter #1 IT Project PLANET Newsletter #1 in Italian from Confagricoltura PDF icon newsletter confagri 2019-06-19 planet.pdf
PLANET Short Presentation Short Presentation of the project PDF icon PLANET short summary.pdf