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Name Country Description
University of Torino Italy UNITO, DISAFA Department offers the Agricultural sciences, Science and Food Technology both at bachelor and Master Degree. About 2000 students are enrolled in curricula related to the agricultural sector offered within the department. Two renewable energies classes, involving about 160 students, are offered at Master level, and many types of research have been carried out in the field of renewables in agriculture, from photovoltaic, biogas and solid biomass use at farm both in developed and developing countries.
CONFEDERAZIONE GENERALE DELL'AGRICOLTURA ITALIANA Italy CONFAGRICOLTURA is the organisation that represents the Italian agricultural enterprises (145 000 companies and 222 000 farmers, 367 000 in total). CONFAGRI acknowledges the leading role of agricultural entrepreneurs in the establishment and development, both economic, technological and social, of the Italian agriculture and agricultural businesses.
INFOR ELEA Italy INFOR ELEA is a consortium of 250 enterprises officially recognised as a training provider by local public authority Regione Piemonte. It’s a merger of two big training companies: INFOR established in 1994 and ELEA founded in 1979 by Olivetti Group.
CORNELISSEN CONSULTING SERVICES BV Netherlands Cornelissen Consulting Services B.V. (CCS) is a private limited company. CCS was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ir. René Cornelissen. There are now 15 people working at CCS and CCS has four divisions. The main divisions are about bioenergy production in the agricultural sector and innovative biomass project, like manure refinement and adding upgraded biogas to the gas grid on a farm scale. The main activity in the agricultural sector is consultancy about the realisation of biogas installations. CCS has performed more than 100 feasibility studies about the possibilities of bioenergy on farms.
Aeres Groep Netherlands In 2016 AERES had approximately 1.100 employees, 10.000 students (not counting the thousands of short-term trainees). The turn-over is close to € 100 million. AERES works in 14 towns/villages in the middle of the Netherlands and offers education and/or services and two flex locations for services. AERES has more than 10 instructors who are, among others, responsible for our research and innovation projects. One of the lectors is skilled in sustainable energy and green commodities. AERES focusses on seven fields of expertise.
AGRAR PLUS Beteiligungsges.m.b.H. Austria AGRAR PLUS was founded in the year of 1985, by an initiative of Lower Austrian Councillor responsible for agricultural affairs. His aim was to create a contact point for all persons who are interested in establishing biomass district heating plants and also to create an independent advice centre providing support in the examination and development of ideas and concepts.
Österreichischer Biomasse-Verband Austria The Austrian Biomass Association is an organization, which stands up for an effective, ecologically sensitive energy supply in Austria on the basis of biomass. We particularly promote to increase the use of biomass – as chemically bound solar energy – in the Austrian energy system. The Austrian Biomass Association was founded in 1995 with the purpose of creating information- and discussion-forum to realize measures for increased utilization of renewable energy sources.
TECSOL SA France TECSOL has been working as an independent consultant in the field of renewable energy applications since 1982. TECSOL's work covers the rational use of energy and solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic). It is also highly competent in thermal engineering and has many references. With 5 regional offices, numerous partnership agreements and with a branch company in Barcelona, an office in Guadeloupe and another one in La Réunion island (Indian Ocean).
Chambre régionale d’agriculture de Bretagne France The Brittany Chamber of Agriculture is self-governing public body, managed by elected representatives from the agriculture and forestry sectors. Its role is, on the one hand, to represent the farmers and foresters to local authorities, and on the other hand to offer a range of services (advice, training) to farmers, foresters and other rural stakeholders.